Home and Market Editor Lisa Freedman and her husband just bought a house two hours outside of New York CityYay! The only issue? They don't have anything to put in it. Follow her as she shops, tackles some DIY projects and works her decorating magic.

A lot of the stone houses we looked at had foyers, which were essentially small rooms with stairs and not much space for anything else. Our house, however, opens up into a decent-sized room with a fireplace and plenty of square footage for a sofa and other pieces. Whatever sofa we put in there would be the first thing people saw upon entering the house, so we wanted to have fun with it. After a lot (and I mean, a LOT) of searching, we decided to go with a custom option from Joybird. It's a furniture site that lets you pick the fabric and size of your sofa. And the site often runs tons of sales for a percentage off. Turns out, custom furniture isn't just for the super rich!

We picked the Hyland because of its fun shape and settled on a surprising green. But which shade of green? We had no idea! Luckily, Joybird offers free swatch kits of color families. We were glad we ordered a kit because the colors really do look different in person than online. With a promotional code for 20 percent off (which I got just by visiting the site!), plus free shipping and an option to return the couch for free within 365 days, it seemed like a no-brainer.


We placed our order (in Key Largo Kelly Green) and soon got an order confirmation and this fun diagram to confirm the measurements.


The process did take a while: We placed our order in January and the couch didn't ship until May. But having never made a couch before, I'm guessing that's actually pretty reasonable. And now, the big reveal:


Check back soon to see what else we've been buying!