Home and Market Editor Lisa Freedman and her husband just bought a house two hours outside of New York CityYay! The only issue? They don't have anything to put in it. Follow her as she shops, tackles some DIY projects and works her decorating magic.

When we first bought this house, we said there was absolutely no way we'd want a TV or Internet there. This was going to be a place we came to relax and be in nature. Well, that lasted (part of) one whole weekend. By our first Sunday, I was calling the cable company to get something set up. So that meant we had to make a TV room.

The second level of the house has this wonky bonus room that leads into the third and fourth bedrooms. It even has a closet for some reason. We always thought we'd make it an office, but it soon became pretty obvious that it would need to be the TV room.

We got a small sectional from World Market and a coffee table from a crazy cute antique shop in Narrowsburg, NY. For the main attraction (the TV!), we got a 43-inch Samsung. It's nothing crazy, in terms of size (it's a small room, after all) but it has all the bells and whistles that you'd expect: access to a ton of apps, a WiFi connection and the sleekest remote I've ever seen.


To jazz up the space, we decided to wallpaper an accent wall (I love wallpaper so much, I'd put it on my kitchen cabinets if I could!) with a graphic antler pattern from Chasing Paper. And we made a mini gallery wall with replicas of some Character Culture Citizenship posters from 1938. We added a small rug from West Elm for color, a table lamp from Z Gallerie, an ottoman from Unison and a few more antiques.


TV room finished! And before you judge us too harshly, I will tell you we don't use it nearly as much as I worried we would. We don't typically turn on it on until after dinner. And even then, we'll watch a movie or a few shows right before bed.

Check back soon to see what else we've been up to—aside from watching TV!