We hid a dozen eggs inside the pages of our April 2013 issue. Think you found them all? Check here to see if you were right!

Check your answers!

1. Fast Ideas: Chocolate Mousse Sundaes on page 21

2. Fast Ideas: Pickled Red Onions on page 26

3. Word of Mouth: Gigabites on page 34

4. Looking Good: Don't You Look Dishy on page 42

5. and 6. Express Lane: 3 Great Meals on page 61

7. Cook with Kids: Just Stew It! on page 66  

8. and 9. Faves Home: Reclaim to Fame on page 76

10. Rach's 30-Minute Meals on page 101

11. and 12. Trivia Party on page 128 and page 132

You're not done yet! We've hidden 12 more eggs throughout our holiday slideshows. Find the extra shells for a chance to win one of Rach's Sittin' Pretty Egg Trays!