Want to reduce your carbon footprint? 'F**k Plastic' is a practical guide to saving the planet.

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Fifty-one trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating around in our oceans. Over 30 percent of the fish we eat have ingested plastic, and it's estimated that 99 percent of seabirds will have swallowed plastic by 2050, according to some experts.

Now that we've got your attention (hopefully!) you're probably wondering, "Is too late to join the fight against the war on plastic? What can I do besides go litter-picking?" Good news: It's nevertoo late to want to do good for the planet, and there are plenty of new habits you can adopt if you're serious about making a difference.

Organized into three categories (Food and Drink, Around the House, and Your Lifestyle), F**k Plastic: 101 Ways to Free Yourself from Plastic and Save the World is filled with—you guessed it—101 ways to be kinder to our planet, from ditching plastic straws and sending e-cards to growing your own herbs.

To celebrate Earth Day, here are five of our favorite excerpts from F**k Plastic that'll inspire you to embrace your inner tree hugger.

Switch to Loose Tea

Alternative Makeup Wipes

Reusable Diapers

Pet Toys

Recycle Your Phone

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