Going green has never been easier—or better looking! Check out these companies that are making cool, conscious stuff for your home.

In honor of Earth Day, we're sharing three green brands we love for their form and their function. These folks are making a difference and getting it right in the home space. 

Newly Tray
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Newly

1. Newly 

Acrylic trays are all over Instagram for a reason: They get your stuff in order and they look good doing it. That unwieldy stack of magazines and remote controls cluttering your coffee table? Stick them in clear tray, and your surface is double-tap-ready. The same goes for perfume bottles and cosmetics on your vanity and liquor bottles on your bar cart. 

But not all trays are created equal. Newly's acrylic offerings are hand-shaped in South Carolina from a single piece of 100 percent recycled acrylic. And if you think recycled acrylic means cloudy, we can assure you the Newly Lucite Tray is crystal clear. 

P.S. The company also sells reclaimed wood cutting boards, recycled glass products, and blankets made out of recycled fibers, all of which have a modern, elevated look. 

Credit: Photo courtesy of Live Clean

Looking to make your self-care regimen a bit more green without spending all of your hard-earned greens? This cult Canadian brand may be the answer. The company, which officially touched down in the U.S. last year, uses 97% plant-based formulations from renewable sources, doesn't test on animals, and is free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, phosphates, and dyes. 

We're obsessed with their super-moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap, which looks smart enough to leave out on your kitchen counter and only costs about $5. 

Vista Gallery Wall
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Vista Frame Company

Gallery walls aren't going away anytime soon, and this affordable and sustainable company is the eco-minded solution to your framing needs. They source styrofoam from around the world (before it ends up in landfills) and turn it into pellets, which are used to make sustainable frames in a bunch of sizes and styles, starting at around $8. How cool is that?

Your turn: What are your favorite eco-friendly products? Share with us in the comments!