"Indulge your sweet tooth with...decadent chocolates!"


Carolina Sauces

Rach says: "Can't decide which we love more: the authentic flavors of Artichoke Dippin' Sauce ($8) and Cracked Peppacorn Gravy ($9), or the hand-sewn cloth bags these mixes come in!"


Fall Harvest Ravioli

Rach says: "Handmade pasta pillows stuffed with roasted pumpkin, ricotta, sage, mozzarella and nutmeg."

$6, nuovopasta.com for info


Fruity Balsamics

Rach says: "Tondo vinegars from Italy in pomegranate, fig, lemon and citrus."

$55 for a set of 4, ditalia.com


Dry Turkey Brine

Rach says: "Bathe your bird in a sweet and savory blend of sage, cranberries and orange peel."

$6, poshgourmet.com

Brine Time

Cranberry Bread

Rach says: "Hearty 6-pound cornmeal pullman loaf studded with fresh, tart cranberries."

$36, grandaisybakery.com for stores


Popcorn on the Cob

Rach says: "Stick a Nebraskan air-dried cob into the microwave and watch kernels pop off!"

$3, bigredpopcorn.com for info


Veggie Potpies

Rach says: "Lentils, ratatouille, slowcooked greens and sweet potato mash fill crisp, flaky crusts."

$22 for 4, flourishbakingcompany.com for info


Dark Gooey bars

Rach says: "Caramel and sea salt set Dark Gooey bars apart."

$8, juliabakerconfections.com for stores


Spicy or mild hot chocolate

Rach says: "Pick your potion: spicy or mild hot chocolate, with or without a cayenne kick."

$11, cowgirlchocolates.com

Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin spice malt balls

Rach says: "Pumpkin spice malt balls have a real nutmeg kick!"

$7, ohnuts.com