Check out Rachael's favorite sips and snacks -- from dessert in a jar to gourmet popcorn to edible spoons!

Dessert in a Jar

Rach says: "Bananappeal frosted cakes and cheesecakes, in flavors like tiramisu and gingersnap, have a common ingredient: bananas!"

Bananaappeal frosted cakes

Red Wine

Rach says: "Bellus Girasole wine is made from a blend of three grapes grown in Montalcino, Italy; every bottle benefits the Tory Burch Foundation for impoverished women."

Bellus Girasole wine

Flavored Sugars

Rach says: "Crystals come in shimmery tins and are infused with pistachio, peach, creème bruûlée and lavender."

Flavored crystals

Pinata Cake

Rach says: "Take a mallet to this chocolate hard-shell cake to reveal the hidden treats inside."

Piñata Cake

Sweet Drizzlers

Rach says: "Flavor teas and coffees with vanilla bean, acai-black currant, mint and meyer lemon syrup straws."

Syrup straws

Edible Spoons

Rach says: "Serve appetizers and mini desserts on crunchy serving spoons. Pick from 10 kinds, like parmesan-basil, coconut-curry and chocolate."

Edible spoons

Gourmet Popcorn

Rach says: "Fresh-popped kernels in combos like rainbow mixed fruit and black raspberry liqueur with vanilla cream."

Gourmet popcorn

Snack on This!

Rach says: "You'll heart these Black Forest Ham and Gruyeère Empanadas as much as I do."


Sip on This!

Rach says: "I drink mango-and-vanilla-infused Organic African Nectar Tea while taping the Rachael Ray show!"

Organic Tea

Top It Off!

Rach says: "Sprinkle Loeb's Onion Crunch on hot dogs, soups or in dips."

Onion crunch