"Throw a killer cookout with...awesome grilling accessories!"

Tattoo-Inspired Mitt

Rach says: "I love this tattoo-inspired mitt for handling hot skewers."

$13, sininlinen.com

oven mit

3-Piece BBQ Tool Set

Rach says: "My bamboo 3-piece BBQ Tool Set takes care of everything from burgers to veggies."

$40, rachaelraystore.com/shopmag


Grill Planks

Rach says: "Lay your favorite meats on grill planks from my pal Guy Fieri to add a smoky cedar flavor."

$15 for 6, amazon.com

wood planks

Italian-Style Nuts

Rach says: "Peanuts roasted with garlic, cheddar cheese and tomato."

$6, lordnut.com


Artisanal Crackers

Rach says: "Said one finicky editor of Potter's caramelized onion boards: 'Absolutely the best crackers I've ever eaten!'"

$17, potterscrackers.foodzie.com


Mini Honey Pots

Rach says: "Each 2-ounce jar is marked with the exact hive and flower the bees visited -- and you can taste the sweet difference!"

$21 for 5, amesfarm.com


Oink Corn Holders

Rach says: "Pig-shaped pins spear cobs."

$10 for 4 pairs, uncommongoods.com


Toffee Crumbles

Rach says: "Buttery, nutty toffee that doesn't stick to your teeth!"

$7, goodytwos.com


Old-Timey Taffy

Rach says: "Hand-pulled sticks -- in root beer float, limeade and orange créme -- come in a pretty wooden gift box."

$44, oliveandcocoa.com


Cotton Candy

Rach says: "Turn up the heat with a strawberry-jalapeño version of our favorite fluffy treat. Or try banana, blue raspberry or watermelon."

$25 for 10 mini tubs, tastyclouds.com

Tasty Tubs