Easy Outdoor Lights

Reimagine holiday string lights, summer-style, with this trick from Rach’s buddy Evette Rios: Pop a colorful cupcake wrapper onto each bulb, then twist them around backyard trees and porch posts preparty.
outdoor lights

Plan Ahead
Be sure to check your light packages for the number of bulbs each string contains before buying the cupcake wrappers. (We ordered ours from the huge selection at fancyflours.com.)


What You'll Need
-- A hole puncher
-- Paper or foil cupcake wrappers
-- White string lights

How to Assemble
1. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the bottom center of a cupcake wrapper. Fold the wrapper if needed for a better grip.
2. Poke the bulb through the hole, pushing until the wrapper sits securely on the plastic just beneath the bulb. This will help prevent the wrapper from moving.


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