Bring the sunshine in with cheery accents that even neutral-lovers can get behind.
kitchen yellow accents numbers
Photography by Lisa Romerein
| Credit: Photography by Lisa Romerein

1. Accessorize

If your cupboards look bare, they may just need new knobs and pulls, a.k.a. cabinet jewelry. Long, sleek handles in nickel, brass, or matte black are always chic. P. S.: Mixed metals are a thing right now, so don't worry if your faucet is in a different finish.

2. Brighter Days

Say buh-bye to all-white everything. Color's back—on appliances, accessories, and even window trim. Keep cabinetry and counters neutral, so bright accents pop.

3. Make Room

Who doesn't want more prep space? If you have the room and the budget, choose a custom island. Or consider a cart on wheels for a thrifty, compact alternative.

4. Ground Cover

Kids and pets can be hard on wood floors, so go faux instead. The latest laminates come in single plank-style pieces that are scratch-, stain-, and even spill-resistant. Plus, there's no sealing or waxing involved.