The magic of dinner at home: You get to make a meal just the way you like it. Put together a kid-friendly menu full of gluten-free recipes. Gluten-free or not, these are dishes any family would be happy to come home to.
Gluten Free

What's gluten? It's the main protein in wheat and other grains, including barley and rye. Some easy-to-find gluten-free alternatives include corn, rice and potatoes. Depending on your needs, the recipes here can be made with all-purpose flour or a gluten-free flour blend.



tips + how-tos

gluten free party

Tip: Let the kids mix the waffles, and don't worry about overstirring. There's no gluten, so the batter won't stiffen up, no matter how many spins it takes around the bowl.

Tip: Stuff your steak dinners into sandwiches and make quick homemade bread using the waffle iron. No need for a fork and knife. 

Tip: While the kids sip fizzy lemonade, you can get the party started. Break out the Wii for a friendly dance-off!

Tip: The doughnut frosting is made with mashed bananas for a healthy (and tasty) touch. It's good brain food for getting homework done after dinner.