Pitch in on Earth Day -- and every day -- with these no-brainer tips.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

These small changes will add up to a big impact on the planet! Plus: Get inspired with these great blogs, written by some of our favorite eco-lifestyle pals.


green means go
  • Buy produce in season: It's good for the planet, saves you money and is guaranteed to taste better.
  • Cook foods in ceramic or glass pans (not metal) and you can lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees.
  • To save water when making coffee or tea, measure out a mugful, then boil the amount you need.
  • If you can, set your fridge and stove away from each other to optimize energy efficiency.
  • In a kitchen remodel, consider recycled linoleum tiles for the floor.
  • Dining out? Search Eat Well Guide for restaurants that prepare locally raised food.
  • Unplug your electronics. Computers, TVs, microwaves and cell phone chargers drain power even when they're not being used.
  • Take shorter showers. The average showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute; that's 25 gallons down the drain in 10!
  • If you mow your lawn regularly, leave fresh grass clippings where they fall instead of bagging them; they'll feed the soil.


  • Vacation closer to home to save on gas (and money).
  • Flying? Plane fuel is wasted waiting for clearance, so compare airline on-time records at FlightStats.com and book with the best.
  • Avoid layovers when flying. The majority of fuel use and harmful emissions occurs during takeoff and landing.
  • Eco hotels are often chic and affordable, plus they tend to have good food and a cool crowd. Search The International Ecotourism Society or GreenHotelBookings.com
  • Rent a hybrid if you need wheels while traveling. Some hotels, like the Kimpton chain, give discounts if you're driving a fuel-efficient car.
  • Don't buy new travel-size products: Refill your old ones before packing for a trip.
  • When traveling, use old contact lens cases to hold a few days' worth of hair gel or face cream.
  • Hang the Do Not Disturb sign on your hotel door to limit how often housekeeping vacuums and washes linens.
  • Neatly hang used towels to alert hotel staff that you're willing to reuse them -- a surefire way to conserve water.
  • Instead of eating in fast-food chains on the road, picnic with food bought from farmers' markets.
  • Buy a carbon offset from TerraPass to reduce the impact caused by air travel and automobile use.


  • Don't shell out a lot of green for green products. Plenty of bargain goods can be found in the drugstore.
  • Go green with daily beauty products -- like a deodorant or moisturizer -- you'll reap more benefits.
  • To cut back on trash, look for two-in-one beauty products.
  • Buy gallon- or economy-size shampoo and conditioner bottles rather than smaller ones to cut down on trash.
  • Use bars of soap instead of body washes in plastic bottles to save on manufacturing and packaging.
  • If you can, buy beauty products that come in packages made from recycled materials.
  • Buy organic cotton balls to use with toner and nail polish remover.
  • Skip the plastic body loofah in the shower -- it traps bacteria and is wasteful. Use a washcloth instead.
  • Wash makeup sponges instead of just tossing them out.
  • Toss empty makeup bottles and plastic compacts in with your kitchen recycling.


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