Easter Baskets for Grown-Ups

Let the kids have fun opening plastic eggs -- these baskets were built for mature taste buds.

For the Entertainer

No-Mess Ice Cream Scoop
The stacking CuisiproIce Cream Scoop sucks ice cream out of even the most frozen-solid pints, and releases a perfectly cylindrical serving atop your cone. $15, surlatable.com

Instant Soda
Turn any drink into soda: Just drop in a flavored Fizzie tablet. $3, tiddleewinks.com

Pickle Brine Bloody Mary Mix McClure's
Spicy Bloody Mary Mix gets its salty-sweet kick from pickle juice and pressed cucumber. Just add vodka! $12, murrayscheese.com


For the Kid at Heart

Flavored Whipped Creams
Blosm's Whipped Cream comes in decadent flavors like blackberry amaretto and cinnamon praline. $4 and up, myblosm.com

Giant Gummi on a Stick
This Gummi Bear is 88 times the size of the mini guys, and weighs in at a whopping half-pound. (Hey, you grew up, too.) $12, fredflare.com

Spiked Chocolate Milk
Infused with vodka, this 40-proof Adult Chocolate Milk makes a great after-school, er, after-work treat. $16, hitimewine.net


For the Adventurous Eater

Flowery Brownies
This lavender brownie kit takes a favorite dessert up one seriously aromatic notch. The mix is infused with lavender buds. $10, littleskylavender.com

Scorching-Hot Party Snack
Taste bud red alert: Batch 37 Spicy Trail Mix is doused in an extra-hot blend of habanero, chile and cajun spices. $5, originaljuan.com

Bacon-Flavored Popcorn
Popcorn These microwavable bags smell so good, even vegetarians will be waiting to hear the buzzer go off. $4, baconsalt.com