Ready to green up your home? Here are five low-maintenance plants to start with.

If you've long wanted to bring life into your home but have been worried your brown thumb would only cause death, don't fear: You can reap the benefits of plants without being a lifelong gardener! You just need to start with hearty plants that don't require much care. 

Below, we rounded up five of the easiest, prettiest houseplants to add to your space this summer—plus places to buy them pre-potted and ready to grow! 


ZZ Plant

Nicknamed the "eternity plant" because it lasts seemingly forever, this edgy yet classy plant is great for people in apartments or the more forgetful plant parents. ZZ plants grow well in low light and can go weeks between waterings, so stick it anywhere, water it when the soil is completely dry, and enjoy your tall greens all year long! 


Snake Plant

Snake plants sound creepy, but they're sleek, simple, and nearly indestructible. Like ZZ plants, they can thrive in low-light settings, and they require minimal maintenance. Just water when the soil is completely dry—usually once every two or three weeks. 


Pothos Plant

Nothing not to love about this plant with heart-shaped leaves! Pothos are fast-growing, with big leaves spill over the pot and pretty up your walls. These plants are great on windowsills, bookcases, or other high-up places that give the plant plenty of room to grow and trail. Stick your pothos in low to bright indirect light and water every seven to 10 days, when the soil is dry. 


Peperomia Plant

Also called radiator plants, peperomias are great for beginner plant parents. They like low to bright indirect light and drink relatively slowly, so you won't have to water them too frequently—just when the top inch or so of soil is dry. They come in lots of varieties, but we like the watermelon ones. Their striped green leaves look just like the outside of one of our fave summertime fruits! 


Jade Plant

Believe it or not, this slow-growing succulent can go months without water. That's because it holds its hydration in its fleshy stems and leaves. Keep it in bright indirect light, water once a month (or as needed), and enjoy your small little greens!