Use these cupcake decorating recipes and transform your sweet treats to look like savory favorites! Make them for your next party -- they're fun for both kids and adults!

Faux Fast Food

Give two drive-through favorites get a candy-aisle makeover! Cut a cupcake in half to create a "bun" then use sweet candies and cookies to create the full "meal." Too fun! 

Tip: For a surprise inside, add dollops of red and yellow frosting as condiments.

Faux Fast Food

Dessert for Breakfast

Trick your family with a surprisingly sweet start to their day. These eggs with a mini marshmallow "yolk" center and taffy bacon will have your kids singing your praise.

Dessert for Breakfast

Sweet Sandwich

When it comes to this sugary pseudo-sammy BLT stands for "better look twice!" Green fruit-leather "lettuce," taffy "bacon" and white frosting "mayo" makes the cupcake "sandwich" the perfect package!

Candy BLT (Get Stackin')

Bottoms Up!

Take a sip -- er, bite -- from a marshmallow-topped mug. No ID required! Stack the cupcake bases in a beer mug and top it off with marshmallow cream "foam" for a super sweet happy hour treat.  

Bottoms Up: Cupcake Beers

Cake on the Cob

This chocolate-and-vanilla treat is a-maize-ingly easy to create -- and eat! Use yellow and white M&M's for the kernels.

Tip: Stick bamboo skewers or corn holders into the ends to finish the look!

Cake on the Cob

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