Have the coolest house on the block -- and guarantee that the pizza guy will never miss your place again -- with these easy front door paint makeovers.

Strut the Front Door

Brighten up your stoop with a DIY front door makeover. All it requires is a little paint and creativity!

Front door makeover

Now You Try!

After using a damp rag to wipe the surface of your door super clean, mask the door's hardware in painter's tape. Then, apply two coats of exterior paint with primer to the outside of your door.

Step 1

Step Two

After the base color dries, put tape around and inside each of the panels, leaving only the trim and grooves exposed.

Step 2

Step Three

Paint trim in a contrasting color with an angled brush. Add a second coat, if needed.

Step 3

Step Four

Roll the inside and top edges of the door in a bright accent color. Once dry, remove all the tape and admire your handiwork!

Step 4

Doggie Domain

No doggie door? No problem! Here's a way to show off your pup without a bark: Cut out the inside of a pet stencil and tape the outline to your door. Then, paint inside the shape in your favorite color, let dry and remove stencil. Get our adorable dog, cat, giraffe and bird templates to make your DIY even easier!

Call of the Wild

Split Personality

Lay painter's tape diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and paint one side. Once dry, remove the tape, lay a new diagonal strip and paint the other side.

Split Personality

Good Points

Here's another way to update an entry in the house. Use painter's tape to block out your design.

Good Points

Coats of Personality

The best part about this project? Choosing your favorite colors! Make a grand entrance with eye-catching combos, like this nautical one.

Go Nautical

Be Bold

For a bright and fun statement, use this in-your-face color scheme.

Be Bold

Try Mod

Gray, beige and bright green will add a subtle pop of color every time you open the door.

Try Mod

Use Brights

Vibrant and colorful, this combo will bring warmth to your home.

Use Brights


Meet our "stunt cat" Kami. Her owner, Haley Huxley, donated to Rosie's Theater Kids, winning Kami a spot in our mag!

Hey Kitty, Kitty!

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