Good Morning America's leading lady shows Rach what a Southern girl keeps in stock.

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer: Good morning. 

Rachael Ray: Good morning. I see you've got the dog with you. Do you let her have people food?

DS: If you guarantee my husband won't see this, I've been known to drop her some chicken and...

RR: Show her a little love?

DS: Show her a little love. But I definitely do not cook for her.

RR: What's your girl's name?

DS: Lila, which is actually my real first name.

RR: How old is Lila?

DS: There's Lila the person and Lila the dog. She's 7 years old.

RR: All right--the fridge. You've got a lot of Tupperware in there. Did you make any of the food?

DS: I make fantastic sandwiches. I'm all about combining leftovers with jalapeño. My entire cooking expertise is based on what I can put jalapeño on.

RR: And I see a lot of mustard--and Miracle Whip.

DS: Yes, Miracle Whip. No mayonnaise. I'm a Southern girl.

RR: You've got organic milk, too.

DS: Yes, and soymilk. I have step kids who are forever in varying stages of vegan/vegetarian. What you're seeing in the fridge is me hedging my bets on who's going to come over that night. On the weekends, my husband and I cook.

RR: What's his specialty?

DS: He makes the best mushroom gorgonzola risotto I've ever had.

RR: Good job marrying the guy who cooks. My sweetie cooks too.

DS: It's wonderful when they're cooking and you're sitting there encouraging them, isn't it?

RR: It's very sexy. I just open the wine, get a good view and watch. What's your favorite leftover? Mine's cold spaghetti.

DS: Mine's meat loaf.

RR: Cold meat loaf--good answer.

DS: I make meat loaf sandwiches.

RR: With jalapeño mustard?

DS: Ketchup and Miracle Whip.

RR: That sounds awesome. You win the prize for making me the most hungry. You look gorgeous, by the way. Do you think you are what you eat?

DS: If we are what we eat, I'm in bigger trouble than is possible. I'm a famous junk food eater. So I am potato chips, hot dogs, meat loaf...

RR: Are you eating hot dogs by 8 a.m.? You go to work at such a weird hour.

DS: We're eating anything that isn't nailed down by 8 a.m. before work, I dump one of those Tupperware containers into a plastic bag. I don't turn the light on because it'll wake the dog, so I have no idea what I'm bringing.

RR: Diane Sawyer brown bags it!

DS: Yeah, I do. And no one ever thinks of stealing my food.