Rachael Ray gets to the bottom of the Law & Order: SVU star's fridge.
Diane Neal

Rachael Ray: Hey, how's it going?

Diane Neal: Hey, Rachael.

RR: You know, I'm the biggest law-show junkie ever. There are episodes of Law & Order that I've watched so many times I can do the scenes myself. When you're busy taping, do you even know what's in your fridge?

DN: No. I'm rarely home, and my husband, Marcus, and I have been renovating for two years. We had no kitchen until a month ago.

RR: Well, the fridge looks well stocked. Are you guys both good eaters?

DN: We-well, Marcus, I mean-is totally fit. He's a health freak, marathon-running kind of guy.

RR: That's not a lot of fun, though. By good eater I don't mean healthy eater. I mean, does he eat everything?

DN: Oh, that would be me. I'll eat anything if it's not moving.

RR: Who has control of the refrigerator?

DN: I do. But he's got a giant beer selection because he's from Ireland. Guinness of different varieties, and a stash of other stuff.

RR: You have a lot of takeout containers. What's your favorite takeout?

DN: They're all so good! A Chili's just opened up around the corner. We try not to go to these big chains, but every now and again you have to get stuff that only places like Chili's make well, like chicken fingers.

RR: Hey, you've got some green stuff in your drawer.

DN: It's broccoli, prechopped and prewashed so I'll actually use it.

RR: You know, that's a good tip. Put your food away prepped and ready to go or buy already-prepped vegetables.

DN: Exactly.

RR: Do you or Marcus cook?

DN: I love to cook, but I kind of suck at it, especially after not having a kitchen. It'll be fun to get back into it. You know, when your show first came on I started watching 30-Minute Meals, and I'm like, "Sweet, I can do this."

RR: What's your specialty?

DN: I'm good at improvising random pastas.

RR: I see some jarred sauce in there. Is that a jar of spaghetti sauce? What's that about?

DN: It's Rao's. It's just for dipping my bread.

RR: Okay, if you have an emergency go-to sauce, I'm behind that. What's your favorite thing in your refrigerator right this minute?

DN: There's a big bag of pine nuts. They were the impromptu addition to my pasta today. I was like, "Pine nuts, I forgot you were here!"

RR: Just one more question: What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

DN: Cotton candy. I can't pass it up. But speaking of guilty pleasures, you should see what Marcus has in the freezer!