At first we thought, no way,but the proof is in the sudsing! We put our editors to the test with a blind scrub-off of soaps, from popular supermarket brands to the fancy stuff, to see if their hands and noses could tell the difference. And it turns out, they can! Our priciest pick, Caldrea, at $9 per 16 ounces, won with triple the votes of any other soap. But you don't always need to spend that much--most upscale brands deliver soothing, complex scents (Basil Blue Sage? Yes, please!), a richer, silkier lather and softer skin. In our book, anything that could make you look forward to washing the dishes is worth a few extra bucks!


Left: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap ($4 for 16 oz.;

Middle: Method Sea Minerals Dish Soap ($4 for 18 oz.;

Right: Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver Dish Soap ($9 for 16 oz.;

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