Turn basic store-bought ornaments into festive party props.


Spice Trail

Fill a clear ball with ground nutmeg and another with ground cinnamon, then cover the openings with cheesecloth. Use them for sprinkling into cups of eggnog.

spice ornament

Make Some Noise

Rattle in the New Year by dropping a few pink peppercorns, popcorn kernels or jelly beans into clear plastic ornaments.

make some noise

Season's Seatings

Write guests' names on strips of paper, then remove the lids from clear ornaments and stuff the strips inside. Replace the lids and tie the ornaments to napkins with tinsel or ribbon.

seat setting with ornament

Stuck Up

Tie small ornaments with ribbon and hang them from magnetic clips to hold holiday photos, cards or shopping lists on your fridge.

magnets with ornaments

Bouquet of Bulbs

Stick multicolored ornaments onto trimmed wooden skewers and arrange them like a bouquet in an opaque vase. Use tree or wreath clippings to fill in any gaps.

TIP: Before skewering, stuff the ornaments with floral foam (available at garden shops and florists) to keep them from wobbling.

ornaments in glass

Sweet Things

Top frosted cupcakes with tiny, festive orbs. Use plastic, and be sure to remove them before digging in!

cupcake with ornament