David Ortiz

What does a Red Sox slugger keep in his icebox when he's at home in the Dominican Republic?
David Ortiz

David Ortiz: Hey, what's up, girl?

Rachael Ray: How are you doing, man? I'm such a huge baseball fan and a fan of yours. I threw out a Red Sox game ball, you know, and I didn't throw like a girl. I threw from the mound.

DO: That's crazy.

RR: I know. And Jason [Varitek] caught it. It was the biggest day of my life. So thanks for showing me your fridge. It looks really healthful. You have tons of fruit and lots of broccoli, avocados and tomatoes. That fruit that looks like a coconut, what is that?

DO: They call it mamey. The juice looks like carrot juice, but it's a little thicker and it tastes really good. You mix it with milk, ice and sugar.

RR: That sounds good. I'll have to check it out. Hey, how's the seafood in Boston compared to home?

DO: It's really good because Boston is right next to the ocean. In America I have this guy who gives me any kind of seafood, anytime.

RR: I heard he brings mussels right to the house. Big bushels of them?

DO: Everything. He brings me whatever I want.

RR: Somebody made a really good-looking seafood salad on the second shelf. Who's the cook?

DO: My chef down here makes it for me. He cooks octopus, fish and shrimp and mixes them with green peppers, cilantro and tomatoes and vinaigrette.

RR: I see a lot of sweets, too. Who has the sweet tooth?

Tiffany Ortiz [David's wife]: That's David.

RR: You must burn like 10,000 calories a day. Is that a luxury of being an athlete? You don't have to give up the sweets?

DO: Yeah, well, I just try to stay away from eating very bad things. But some places here make really good cake and things like that, so...

RR: I'm going to go ahead and say that you guys have the best celebrity refrigerator so far. Do both of you cook?

TO: David's a fantastic cook, but because of his schedule he doesn't get to cook much.

RR: So you really like to get in there, Big Papi? You like to go into the kitchen and put on the big chef's hat, too?

DO: My mom was always in there making something out of nothing. She wanted to make sure that I ate really well.

RR: One last question: If you guys were going to have anyone--sports hero, music figure--over for supper, who would it be?

DO: You tell them, Tiff.

TO: We'd want Rachael Ray to come.

RR: I'll come in a minute! As long as we get to throw the ball around in the yard for a while first. Then I'll cook all night for you.