Showcase your wine bottles with this chic, do-it-yourself wine rack from design expert, Danny Seo. Not only is this inexpensive wine rack easy-to-install, but you can show off your creative side by personalizing and designing your own pattern too.


Build a Shrine to Wine!

"Vino" was Rach's first word -- and design expert Danny Seo's inspiration for this easy-to-install wine wall. With simple pipes and paint, you can create a display that fits any space in your home. Time to hit the hardware store. And the wine shop!

DIY Wine Rack

Getting Started!

What you'll need:

  • Metal plumbing pipes (1/2" x 8") with bases
  • Spray Paint
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Electric Drill
  • Level

Next: Choose a blank wall space -- as large or small as you'd like! -- then follow these steps!


Connect the Pieces

Step 1: Screw the pipes into their bases, then spray-paint them with two coats in a color of your choice. (If you want, paint the screws to match.) Let dry.

Connect the pieces

"X" Marks the Spot

Step 2: Make an "X" where the center of the first base will go. Measure 3 inches to the right from that spot and make an "X" for the center of the next base.

X Marks the Spot

Measure Twice, Screw Once

Step 3: Place the pipe flush against the wall, centering the base over the first "X," and mark the four screw holes.

Mark the 4 Screw Holes

Time to Start the Drill!

Step 4: Screw the base securely into the wall with a drill. If you're not drilling directly into the wall studs, use wall anchors for additional support.

Screw the Base into the Wall

Time to Get Creative

Step 5: Follow Steps 3 and 4 to attach the second base. Use a level to make sure it is parallel to the first base before drilling.

Time to Get Creative

Now all you need is wine!

Step 6: Create your own wall pattern with the remaining pipes. Leave at least 8 inches above and below each row so there's enough room for the bottles.

All you need is wine

Personalize Your Pipes

Like the metallic look? Use bronze and gold metallic Valspar spray paint.

Metallic Finish

Get Rubberized

Get a rubberized finish and a good grip with Plasti Dip.

Rubberized Finish

Mirror in a Bottle

Reflect on your bottles with Krylon Looking Glass< mirror spray paint.

Mirror Spray Paint

Florescent Finish

Brighten up the kitchen with Rust-Oleum Fluorescent Finish spray paint.

Florescent Finish

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Pick up Danny's new book, "Upcycling Celebrations," coming out in September 2012.

Danny Seo

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