Cutting Boards

A knife is the most important tool in your kitchen -- but it's only as good as the surface you cut on.
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cutting boards

1) Epicurean Cutting Surfaces 13-by-18-inch Richlite Cutting Board
(Wood fiber composite laminate)
UPSIDE Feels like wood under the knife; dishwasher safe.
DOWNSIDE Can be more expensive than other materials.

2) Chefmate 14-by-17-inch Poly Cutting Board
UPSIDE Inexpensive; lightweight; dishwasher safe.
DOWNSIDE Hard surface is less knife friendly than wood. Board slips easily on counter.

3) Catskill Craftsmen 15½-by-20-inch End-Grain Cutting Board
(End-grain Wood)
UPSIDE Sturdy, stable and attractive; softens the blow of knives.
DOWNSIDE Must be hand-washed and oiled regularly. Thinner boards warp easily.

4) Sani-Tuff 12-by-18-inch All Rubber Cutting Board
UPSIDE Grippy surface holds board (and food) in place; easy on knives.
DOWNSIDE Soft surface is vulnerable to nicks and dents.

5) Flexible 14-by-14-inch Grip Mats
(Flexible plastic (polypropylene))
$13 for a set of four,
UPSIDE Cheap; easy to clean after cutting raw chicken and fish; dishwasher safe.
DOWNSIDE Food slips on the board. Too flimsy for most chopping jobs.


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*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in June 2006.