10 Cute Gym Pieces That Will Make Working Out Easier

You need these items for "new year, new you" inspiration.
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These fitness finds were made for those of us whose workouts fall anywhere between casual hula-hooping and ultramarathons.

With the Band

tone it up resistance bands

Super portable, super versatile, and cuter than average, these Tone It Up Resistance Bands ($13) are a great way to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back muscles without the heft of weights. 

Balancing Act

black mountain stability disc

Try this cushy Black Mountain Products Stability Disc ($15) and you’ll never want to do a donkey kick on anything else. Bonus: It comes with a hand pump so you can keep it inflated. 

All in the Wrist

fitbit charge 3 purple wrist watch

Fitbit’s newest model, the Charge 3 ($150), tracks your heart rate 24/7 to record your calorie burn, optimize workouts, and give you personalized suggestions. It can also be set up to monitor two important cycles that you probably neglect: sleep and menstrual. 

Hard Core

cap kettlebell

Fitness pros are trading barbells for kettlebells, which put more of the focus on your abs. (Yay!) This CAP Kettlebell ($27) clocks in at 18 pounds. But there’s a nine-pounder if you’d rather work your way up. 

Faux Sure

c9 champion womens capri leggings

Try the two-tone trend with these C9 Champion Women’s Studio High-Waisted Capri Leggings ($25)—which look a lot like the ones from a popular athleisure brand that shall remain nameless, but these are much less expensive. 

Cool Kicks

nike zoom fly flyknit running shoes

The lightweight support and the knit body of these Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Running Shoes ($160) are built for breakneck speeds. The sleek black and neon-orange design will turn heads as you race by. 

Totes Amazing

bando pink gym bag

We feel like the Bando Work It Out Exercise Bag ($35) gets us, thanks to the funny because-it’s-true-statement, the exterior pockets, and the hole for an earbud cord so we can jam out on the go.

Brace Yourself

bala bangles weights

These Bala Bangles ($49 for a pair) weigh just a pound each. Strap them onto your wrists or ankles and you’re adding weight training (great for muscle tone, bone density, and a million other things) to your run or yoga practice.

Thirst Quencher

aladdin fresco twist and go vacuum water bottle

The insulated Aladdin Fresco Twist & Go Vacuum Bottle ($20) has the coolest function: The bottle unscrews at the top and at the center, so you can easily add ice or give the whole thing a good scrubbing. 

Go Bananas

whimsy banana and lemon yoga mat

This insanely Instagrammable Whimsy Banana & Lemon Yoga Mat by Sugarmat ($79) guarantees your workout sesh won’t end on a sour note.