Send guests on their way with a swag bag full of backseat eats. How crafty you get with the packaging is up to you!

Living on the Wedge 

Kraft pie box with fork
Credit: Photography by Lisa Shin

Don't make them pick between pumpkin and pecan! Pack a slice (or several) of their second choice in these pie-box sets from A La Modo. Plain wooden forks come with, but we jazzed ours up by coating the handle in colored craft paint, then securing it, once dry, to the box top with washi tape. With this setup, pie officially takes the cake for cutest dessert.

Put a Tag on It!

Leftover tag
Credit: Photography by Lisa Shin

A take-along bag like this shadow stripe from Paper Mart is a must if you want guests to make a dent in the remains of the feast. Put your packing supplies on a spare table so everything is in one place. Have fun with bag tags and get one last giggle before company heads out.

Eyes on the Sides!

Soup cups with labels
Credit: Photography by Lisa Shin

Anything liquid or soft will travel better in these double-walled soup cups ( The glued-on labels were created with kraft card stock and a scalloped puncher, but you can buy premade stickers. Or prep your own on the cheap using a brown paper bag, scissors, and a glue stick. Easy!

That's a Wrap

Napkin origami
Credit: Photography by Lisa Shin

Calling all overachievers: Time for some napkin origami! Place utensils diagonally on an oversize square paper napkin, a few inches up from the bottom. Fold the bottom corner up, fold the right side over the cutlery, and then repeat with the left, tucking that corner under. Secure with washi tape.

Napkin origami folding illustration
Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

Brown Box-It!

Recycled kraft takeout containers
Credit: Photography by Lisa Shin

For turkey and the fixin's, stock up on sturdy recycled-kraft takeout containers. (Again, ours are from For added security, line them with food-safe colored or patterned parchment sheets, like this subtle chevron by Celebrate It (, which will prevent leakage. The day before Thanksgiving, write guests' names on pieces of tape to label the boxes. That way, you'll be ready to roll once dinner is done.