15 Cute Beach Towels to Rock This Summer

This summer's best accessory? A trendy beach towel! These picks are guaranteed to go perfectly with a glass of rosé and a bottle of SPF.
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Forget the boring rectangular towel and go for a fun pineapple one instead! Now all that's missing is a piña colada. ($36, Urban Outfitters)


Now this is a feeling we can relate to. Wear your hanger loud and proud with this funny printed towel, and maybe don't forget to pack a sandwich next time. ($39, Society6)


Show your pride all summer long with this rainbow striped towel. ($20, Target)


Lemons may be sour, but you're sure to get lots of sweet compliments with this cute pattern and fun shape. ($28, Amazon)


You can channel serene Hawaiian vibes at any beach in the world with this cute graphic towel. Aloha, Jersey Shore! ($38, ban.do)


Invite this delish duo for a little fun in the sun. Warning: this towel will make you crave a hot dog with mustard, so figure out your lunch plans accordingly. ($10, Target)


This geometric towel has a waterproof pocket so you can keep your phone or camera at the beach without a worry. ($55, Vertty)


Cozy up by water from sunrise to sunset with this oversized, soft towel. ($58, Anthropologie)


This looooooong pupper will definitely get a kick out of your fellow beach-goers. ($39, Society6)


This oversized heart fits two, so you can cuddle up with your sweetheart as you soak up the sun. Sharing is caring! ($75, Urban Outfitters) 


This towel is just too dang cute. Mini swimmers and floaters? How can we resist?! ($21, John Lewis)


This one speaks for itself. Go grab a bottle of your fave rosé and have yourself a great day! And you can't beat that price. ($10, Target)


Bring. On. The. Color. And the pom-poms! ($68, ban.do)


Plant ladies, this one's for you. This fringed towel with a fun shape will help remind you to water those bad boys when you get home. ($68, ban.do)


Orange is the new black! Brighten your day with this colorful towel. A real orange can help with that, too. ($39, Society6)