Keep Cool with Cucumber Cocktails

Cocktails, Anyone?

Cucumbers are cool...literally! Did you know that cucumbers are about 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature on a warm day? Yup, so put that in your cocktail. No, really--do it! As an unexpected cocktail ingredient favorite, cucumbers lend a light melon flavor and mouthwatering freshness to cocktail creations all year-round. Keep reading below for to see how you can put this crunchy green in your cocktails.

Cucumber Cocktails

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Sparkling Cucumber Limeade

This ultra refreshing sparkler mixes mellow lime, cooling mint and mild cucumber to make a lip-smackingly good concoction that can--and will--be enjoyed by the pitcher. Spike this spa-inspired sipper with a splash of gin or flavored-vodka for a simple summer beverage.

Cucumber Cocktail

Strikingly similar to a Gimlet, this cocktail starts with a base of muddled cucumber and simple syrup and is then shaken with Hendricks cucumber-infused gin and lime juice before being topped off with soda water. For a small twist on this classic cocktail, substitute lemon juice for a brighter flavor profile like a Tom Collins.

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Sweet Tart Champagne Cocktail

 In this sparkling wine-based libation, pureed cucumber and lemon juice blend together seamlessly to create a delightful and refreshing cooling sensation.

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