Cooking with Misty Copeland

She’s always en pointe on stage, but is Copeland—one of American Ballet Theatre’s most famous faces and author of the new book Ballerina Body—as quick on her feet in the kitchen?
misty copeland ballerina body book scallops hazelnut romesco green beans

The Challenge: Scallops with Hazelnut Romesco & Green Beans

misty copeland puree cooking

“Cooking is my favorite thing to do outside of dancing. I could spend all day in the kitchen. I put on music, have a glass of wine and enjoy the process: the smells, the risks, the mistakes and recoveries. Lol!” 

misty copeland cooking green beans

“I love cooking with spices—cumin, chili powder, red pepper flakes. I tend to take liberties with recipes and put my own spin on them. I added some paprika to the green beans, since it was also in the puree.”

misty copeland cooking scallops frying pan

“I became a pescatarian about six years ago, so I don’t eat chicken, red meat or pork. I have more energy without those things.”

misty copeland scallops green beans

“Dinner is my favorite meal. During the day, I’m thinking about fueling my body for eight hours of rehearsal with small meals. So when I leave the studio, I’m excited to satisfy my taste buds and my stomach.”

misty copeland cooking

“The meal was delicious. It was a beautiful-looking dish and had a very bright Mediterranean flavor that is definitely missing from my repertoire.”