Want to transform humdrum dinners into mealtime magic? It's easy! Hit the kitchen armed with these genius tips and simple recipes from our Every Day experts, and your friends and family will wonder if you went to cooking school on your lunch break!

Lesson 9: Spice Things Up!

Dried herbs and spices are great on their own, but they're even better together. There's a whole world of mind-blowing flavor sitting in your spice cabinet, just waiting for you to play matchmaker. Start mixing and mingling with these eight make-any-meal-better blends.

Roasted Carrots with Cumin Cinnamon
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Cumin + Cinnamon: Toss with sautéed or roasted carrots (see recipe for Roasted Carrots with Cumin & Cinnamon), or rub on pork, chicken or lamb before cooking.

Dried Mint + Oregano: Fold into ground meat for meatballs, or stir into marinades, homemade Italian dressing or marinara.

Nutmeg + Allspice: Add warm flavor to creamed spinach, gratins, pasta or rice pudding, or stir into hot toddies or cider.

Curry + Cayenne: Add heat and hint of smoke to curries, chilis or mayo-based slaws and salads, or stir into squash soup.

Coriander + Ginger: Sprinkle on Asian noodle dishes for a spicy zing, or rub onto salmon or turkey before cooking.

Paprika + Cumin + Onion Powder: Rub onto steaks before grilling or chicken before pan-searing, or stir into ground beef for the best-ever taco filling.

Mustard Powder + Black Pepper + Garlic Powder: Stir into potato or egg salads, or rub on large cuts like pork shoulder or beef brisket before cooking.

Dried Basil + Oregano + Tarragon: Stir into softened butter or goat cheese, sprinkle on cooked mussels or seafood stews, or stir into chicken salad.

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