Celebs tell us what they like to eat, we tell them what to cook!


When Sterling K. Brown isn't making us weepy on NBC's This Is Us—or keeping us guessing as an accused criminal in the drama Marshall—you'll probably find him hanging with his wife and two kids. 

sterling listens to eggs
Credit: Photo courtesy Sterling K. Brown

So what does he want to make today? "I like those Hungry Jack breakfasts, with the pancakes and eggs and meat!" he told us. "I think it reminds me of weekends with the family, Sunday brunch after church. It was good times."

The Challenge: Sausage Flapjack Stacks

Sausage Flapjack Stacks

He's getting an assist in the kitchen from his six-year-old son, Andrew. "He was very excited about being able to use a knife to cut the apples, as we normally don't let him do that," Sterling said. "But don't worry, parents… it was plastic!"

boy stirs pancake batter
Credit: Photo courtesy Sterling K. Brown

So how did it go? "We enjoy breakfast for dinner, so this was a great continuation of our Friday night tradition," he said. "Even my littlest son, Amaré [age 2], helped by pouring flour on the floor. Andrew liked the pancakes, but next time, I would hold the gravy. The sweet-and savory thing was lost on him. But thanks to Rachael, we had a really fun evening as a family."

finished sausage flapjacks
Credit: Photo courtesy Sterling K. Brown

Now try it yourself! Get the recipe for Sausage Flapjack Stacks.