A Day in the Food Life of Connie Britton

We followed Connie Britton, the star of FX's <em>American Horror Story</em> and the movie <em>Seeking a Friend for the End of the World</em>, to find out what she eats in a typical day. The new mom and busy actress also shared the details of her day from clean eating, cozy playtime and some retail therapy.
Connie Britton

Rise and shine!

6:30 a.m.
My 1-year-old son, Eyob (who I call Yoby), is my alarm clock. I have to admit: I do that thing where I give him a bottle if he wakes up really early, like 5 a.m., and he'll usually go back to sleep for a little while. He's very obliging like that.

7:30 a.m.
My dogs, Lucy and Josephine, are angling for their breakfast. While they're eating, I get a cold glass of water and add a packet of Emergen-C Lite, slices of lemons from the trees in my yard and a great probiotic powder I swear by. I think it really helps my immune system.

8:30 a.m.
There's a cooler at my door from New Leaf, a company in L.A. that makes and delivers juices. I ordered a thick green smoothie and "Un-Coffee." It's got roasted maca, chicory, chaga and green coffee bean extract. I don't drink regular coffee, but this is even better. Yoby has a banana and oatmeal while I sip my breakfast.

9:30 a.m.
I'm not shooting or traveling today! In the last five months, I've had several jobs and visited Ethiopia twice. When we're home, I love to spend the morning hiking in the hills around my house. Yoby loves to ride in the ErgoBaby carrier on my chest, and since he's adopted, I really believe that the face-to-face bonding makes a difference.

12:30 p.m.
I swing by one of my favorite places to grab lunch, Urth Caffé in West Hollywood, and get their greek salad to go. It's got avocados, cucumbers and feta, and I always ask for some fresh roasted turkey on top -- it's delicious. I also get a green matcha tea latte made with almond milk

2 p.m.
If I have a spare moment while Yoby naps, I indulge in online shopping, especially for my son. Those invitation-only sales sites are my weakness! I can't help myself -- the clothes for little kids are so cute.

4 p.m.
In between running errands, Yoby and I stop by the park. He loves to be outside and is so sad to come in! Whenever I have free time, I want to spend it with him.

5 p.m.
When I'm filming I don't snack -- it's too much of a slippery slope for me -- but if I'm hungry I'll go for almonds. If it's been a long day, I'll throw in some M&M's. But what I really want is a chocolate chip cookie!

6 p.m.
I try to work out in the evenings, but I'm not much of a gym person. I love Pilates, and my instructor gave me the bands so I can do it at home, too. But the truth is, I usually don't!

7 p.m.
I never cook, so I'm meeting friends out for dinner. I order wild-caught grilled salmon, salad and tons of veggies like brussels sprouts and artichokes. When I splurge, I get filet mignon medium rare. I don't need fancy sauces, but I love sautéed spinach with garlic and olive oil.

9 p.m.
You know what life is like for a new mom? Passing out in bed right after I get him down. I'm not even washing my face! Luckily, when I eat well I feel it making a difference in how my skin looks. So, it''s lights out without the fuss.

Good night, Connie!