Get your summer party rolling by booking a lounge that mixes masterful margaritas and pours the perfect pint—right in your driveway!
the swig rig mobile bar truk
With taps right on the side of the truck, the Swig Rig in Bend, OR, brings the party to you.
| Credit: Photo Courtesy The Swig Rig

This season's answer to the food truck is the cocktail truck: a shiny Airstream trailer, classic flatbed or funky VW bus retrofitted into a fully functioning bar. Nancy Barger, of Barger's Beer Truck in Knoxville, TN, helms a fleet of six that have pulled up to birthday parties, corporate events and baby showers. One was even hired out to surprise a groom at his wedding reception. "He did a cartwheel when he saw us," she says. And who wouldn't, to score a jalapeño-spiked margarita (Austin's Silvercloud) or a cucumber-blueberry Moscow mule (Oregon's Swig Rig, above) anywhere a truck can park. Pricing varies, but can start at $500 (for the vehicle; you supply the booze and bartenders) and climb to a few thousand for the fully catered experience, everything you need for a movable bash.