Chef Mug Shots

See how six chefs take their first sip of the day.
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Cat Mug

“I always go straight for this mug. It’s adorable, can hold gallons of Earl Grey and reminds me of my two cats.” —Michelle Davis, Thug Kitchen (Los Angeles)                   

Yoda Mug

“This Yoda mug is a reminder that I’m still a kid at heart, and I’ll always have more to learn.” —Jamie Bissonnette, Toro (Boston, NYC and Bangkok)

Father's Day Mug

“My favorite mug is a Father’s Day gift made by my kids. It’s got great personality, it’s hand-painted and it makes me think of family.” —John Kunkel, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Miami and Las Vegas) 

Bunny Mug

“Even though I now use this mug for coffee, it brings back memories of my mom giving me hot chocolate, which always felt like such a treat!” —Dakota Weiss, Sweetfin Poké and Estrella (Los Angeles) 

Silhouette Mug

“I sip herbal tea from a mug from my café and bakery, with a silhouette of my daughter Jane.” —Amanda Michael, Jane (San Francisco) 

Mickey Mouse Mug

“Growing up in the Hudson Valley, I sipped a lot of hot cider. My mom used to give it to me when I was sick, so it’s nostalgic for sure.” —Paul C. Reilly, Beast & Bottle and Coperta (Denver)