It's all about comfort for the Grey's Anatomy star -- in and out of her Los Angeles kitchen.


Rachael Ray: Hey, Chandra! You've got a fridge filled with fruit and fruit juices. Do all those apples keep the doctor away?

Chandra Wilson: Well, this is what it looks like right after I'm done grocery shopping. All the fruits and vegetables are bright and juicy and ready to eat. But by the time my kids get to the apples, it's time to throw them out and start all over again. I put them up front, but they push them out of the way.

RR: Good thinking -- keep putting it out there and they'll come around. So, I don't see a lot of leftovers. Do you like to cook?

CW: I'm a big cook and prefer to make meals at home when I can. I'm either cooking or we're going to a drive-through somewhere. I'm really proud of my homemade sweet potato pie. At Thanksgiving I make five of them because they go quick.

RR: Speaking of sweets, I see a big jar of M&M's on the shelf. Let me guess: You have a bit of a sweet tooth?

CW: Absolutely! I try to keep healthy foods around, but I can't take everything away. I make sure we get all the good stuff, like whole grains and veggies, but there's still room for flexibility.

RR: That's the right attitude: Eat what you want in moderation. Do you have any food phobias?

CW: I cannot get into cottage cheese, and I've tried a lot. Yogurt is hard for me to eat, too. I have to hold my nose to get it down. There's something wrong with that.

RR: I'd say so! Let's talk about something we both love: hot sauce! I could drink the stuff with a straw. How about you?

CW: Oh, I'm a hot sauce fanatic, but probably can't eat it the way you can! Bland food is so boring. I have to amp things up to keep meals appetizing. It's a kind of comfort food for me.

RR: Speaking of comfort, I hear you're involved with the Downy Touch of Comfort program. Can you tell us about it?

CW: The program is so wonderful, Rachael! We deliver handmade quilts to sick children receiving treatment in Children's Miracle Network hospitals across the country. Many of the patients are away from home for a long time and can't bring their favorite stuffed animal or blanket with them because of the allergens. So we customize quilts for them, incorporating their favorite colors and themes. It's so simple, but it brings the kids and their families so much joy and, well, comfort. I love seeing their faces light up when they receive one. If you visit, you can learn more about the program and find ways to get involved.

RR: You're all spreading love one quilt at a time. Amazing! So, I know you're directing some episodes of Grey's Anatomy. If you could direct the perfect dinner party, who would the chef be?

CW: I must be hungry right now because I'd love a dinner catered by El Pollo Loco! I'm in the mood for their grilled chicken, rice and tortillas, with a lot of their salsa so I can pile it on. With my kids there, it would be a really great party.