Baked cheese will never *not* be good.
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Each month, Rachael Ray Every Day staffers try hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of new food products (it's research, people!) in hopes of determining the best of the bunch for our monthly Checkout column. Here, we'll show a little extra love to our editors' favorite new food and bev picks. Check back every week for your grocery store aisle inspo!

This Week's Food Fave: Cello Whisps Tomato Basil Cheese Crisps

Picture this: you've just panfried yourself a quesadilla, and some of the shredded cheddar you sprinkled on your Tex-Mex treat has oozed out the sides, hardening on the side of the hot pan. Do you scrape it off and use it to top your quesadilla? Heck yeah you do, because like me, you're obsessed with cheese. Now, imagine being able to buy those burnt crisps of cheese, pre-packaged! Artisan cheese brand Cello is making it happen.

I had tried crispy cheese snacks in the past, but my love for them was reignited this week after digging into a bag of Cello Whisps Tomato Basil Cheese Crisps. The cracker-like snack is made for those who crave crunchy fried cheese—Whisps are baked, and possibly even crunchier than their fried counterparts—or those who are following the Keto diet because these crisps are low-carb, people!

I would've been perfectly satisfied with their cheddar or parmesan flavors. But the flavor that really changed the game for me was tomato basil. The saucy, herby zest majorly amped up the cheesy taste, making it impossible for me to keep my hands out of the bag. And if you're thinking, "tomato basil-dusted snacks? Been there, done that," then my answer is: You probably haven't been there and done that like this. Whisps aren't your typical tomato basil-seasoned crackers—they're actual cheese

If gnawing on hardened cheese sounds a little extreme to you, try it as a topping for a main course instead. I imagine they'd make for fabulous soup and salad toppers. Think croutons, but tastier, cheesier, and gluten free-er.

Flavors: Tomato Basil,Bacon BBQ, Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, and Asiago & Pepper Jack. 

Price: $15.99 for a 3-pack on Amazon.