Before the singer releases her new album, Into White, she lets us into her fridge.

Carly Simon

Rachael Ray: Hey, I'd know that voice anywhere -- you have such a beautiful voice. Thank you for all those happy years you've given me.

Carly Simon: Oh, thank you.

RR: You have one of the most well-balanced fridges I've ever seen.

CS: What's so balanced about it?

RR: Oh my God, are you kidding? Everything is organic, and there are plenty of vegetables. If this were my fridge, my mom would be so proud.

CS: Well, I'll tell you one thing, the fridge is tiny. I've had it since 1973.

RR: I've had mine since the '80s. But yours looks stuffed to the gills and so happy. There are all those berries.RR:

CS: I adore berries. I make smoothies out of berries, I have berries with ice cream and I have berries with berries.

RR: And I love that Kozy Shack pudding -- it's so back in the day. Are you a big fan of the Kozy Shack?

CS: Oh, yeah. I'm a big fan.

RR: Have you ever tried the tapioca?

CS: Yes. I adore the tapioca!

RR: It's very delicious. So what are you making with all that garlic paste and open jars of capers?

CS: I put garlic in everything. There's a wonderful dish my sister Lucy taught me -- drunken pasta. We boil pasta for five minutes, drain it and plunge it into a frying pan with olive oil, garlic, capers and red pepper. Then, we add red wine and simmer.

RR: I'm so doing that. We'll have to call it Drunken Simon Pasta! Do you guys have dogs? I see pet food.

CS: We do. My son, Ben, feeds them steak. And they love string beans.

RR: You have well-spoiled dogs.

CS: And they have huge muscles.

RR: So does ours. She looks like a little man when she's in the window. OK, if you could have anybody over for supper, who would it be?

CS: Well I'm actually building a new kitchen, so we'd have to sit at the counter. But I would have over friends I just haven't seen enough of lately, like Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer, who are, you know, my best friends.

RR: We just showed Diane's fridge a couple of issues ago!

CS: That's what made me think of it. How horrible is it to have people you call best friends and not see them?

RR: Well, that new kitchen will inspire you to have Diane over. Hey, my husband, John, just noticed something -- where's the ketchup? Heinz did that whole ad campaign with your song "Anticipation," about waiting for the ketchup to pour.

CS: I definitely have some. I love ketchup. It's in there somewhere -- maybe it's in back of the milk.

Pop Quiz

If Carly Simon could invite anyone living or dead to dinner who would it be?

A. Diane Sawyer

B. Elvis Presley

C.Billie Holiday

What's Carly's specialty dish?

A. Mac and cheese

B. Braised tofu

C. Drunken pasta

When did she last buy a fridge?

A. 1973

B. 1991

C. 2006

What do Carly's dogs eat?

A. Dog food only

B. Steak and string beans

C. Whatever the family's eating

Answers: 1.A 2.C 3.A 4.B