Seriously, just LOOK at how gorgeous these are.
crystal inspired candy
Photo courtesy of Botanic Bakery
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Botanic Bakery

Meet the most bougie new trend in dessert: crystal-inspired candy. Whether these New Age treats actually enhance your inner chi is up for debate, but they'll surely enhance your cavities. 

Sweet Saba

Sweet Saba sculptor and founder Maayan Zilberman calls her $62 cocktail rings "edible art" — that is, beautiful, designer-level jewelry that the wearer can eat, should they get a sugary craving. Forget the chunky ring pops from elementary school—this sweet cheetah ring is the new candy accessory must-have, and it's available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.

Botanic Bakery

Model-turned-confectioner Kristen van Valkenhoef molds each of her Botanic Bakery pieces individually, flavoring them with elderflower and Champagne for clear stones, say, or with lychee and rose for pink quartz. Then she finishes them with edible 24-karat gold. 

Star's Candy Factory

Star's Candy Factory is actually just Crystal Hart's Oregon home, where the confectionary queen dreams up desserts like her popular geode cookies. The trippy treat features a layer of galaxy-esque rock candy atop a variety of cookie flavors. Hart's creations are just as sweet on the taste buds as they are on the eyes.