Take an outdoor adventure -- fueled by an authentic campfire breakfast.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

Don't mind us city folk -- we thought a river-rafting meal would be full of mushy sandwiches and soggy potato chips. Luckily, we love this breakfast menu, and we were especially smitten with how easy it was to re-create at home -- minus the campfire, of course. But the best part? All we had to do was paddle and eat!



tips + how-tos




These tools are camping must-haves

Dutch oven
It beats lugging around five different pots and pans.

Chef's knife and cutting board
You could try cutting chorizo with plastic cutlery, but we don't recommend it.

Serving spoon
This would be first on our "we'll probably forget it" list, but it's much easier than serving everyone with tablespoons!

Mixing bowls
Three nested ones will do -- or else you may be forced to use your buddy's bicycle helmet.

Dish soap
You don't want to wash your body with Palmolive, right? You probably don't want to wash your dishes with Dial, either.



Don't find the great outdoors that great? Fake it -- or at least make yourself comfortable.

1. Consider how much more annoying paddling oars would be if you were on the gym rowing machine. Smirk, thinking of the suckers in said gym.

2. Imagine that the bed of pebbles under your sleeping bag is actually a European beach. (Note: Results are not guaranteed.)

3. When every corner houses a rock formation, not a coffee shop, we offer two words: French press. Campfire-heated water + ground coffee = nouveau cowboy coffee.

4. Remember when you were a kid and swimming negated taking a bath? We think that still applies here.

5. Whatever you do, do not serenade your travel companions with "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." You may find yourself "accidentally" thrown overboard.