Kitchen Fix: Cabinet Session

Rach's design buddy Evette Rios spruces up old cupboards on the cheap. Go through the process step-by-step with Evette in this video how-to guide


New cabinets are the most expensive part of any kitchen makeover, but all it takes is a little elbow grease and some inexpensive supplies to make old ones look like new. Evette Rios, our kitchen makeover artist sanded, painted and reorganized in just one weekend to turn these tired, old shelves around.

cabinet session- before

Sand and Prime

After removing old hardware, gently sand the wood, then brush with a dry paintbrush and wipe with a damp cloth. Apply a coat of primer and dry overnight.

cabinet session


Mask old screw holes, dents and nicks with nude wood putty, using a little at a time.

cabinet session 2

Sand and Paint

Allow putty to dry completely, then sand. Gently clean the entire surface with a damp cloth and paint with durable semigloss paint. Dry overnight.

cabinet session


Measure and mark the location of the new knob. Then, working from the front of the door to the back, drill screw-size holes through the wood.

cabinet session


Using a screwdriver, install the new hinges and knobs in the mounting holes. Give the knob a tug to make sure the attachment isn't loose.

cabinet session


Screw the refinished doors back into the frames; use a carpenter's level to make sure all the panels are straight.

cabinet session 6


The finished cabinets are bright, airy and organized thanks to Evette's no-fail plan.

cabinet session