Brooke Shields

The actress and busy mom gives Rach a peek into a special place where a kid can be a kid.
Brooke Shields

Rachael Ray: Hey, Brooke! It looks like you have some company around the fridge. Who are the lovely ladies with you?

Brooke Shields: Hi, Rach. I'm at the Boys & Girls Club in Kips Bay, New York, and my friends Leila and Alexa are members of the club's SMART Girls program, which promotes confidence in women. It's supported by the Chain of Confidence campaign, which has an online initiative that helps promote young women's self-esteem in a fun, interactive way. They learn all sorts of things -- from making smart food choices to beauty how-tos to balancing a checkbook.

RR: It's like a cool virtual camp!

BS: Yep. Nothing is out of bounds, so the girls can ask anything.

RR: That's fantastic! And this is a well-stocked fridge. I see a lot of juice, yogurt and fruit in there. Are those after-school snacks?

BS: Yes, there's some yummy stuff in here. I love that they have a kitchen full of healthy items and treats, too.

RR: And it's full of all those colorful Tupperware containers.

BS: They're adorable and handy for storage. Tupperware created and invested $1.5 million in the Chain of Confidence campaign.

RR: Good for them! So talk to me about what you always keep in your fridge at home. What are some go-to items for your family?

BS: We always have "spicy water," which is what my daughters call seltzer. I'm a big rollups person because one of my girls doesn't like bread. We roll up turkey with cheese instead of making a sandwich.

RR: Whenever you want a kid to eat something healthy, roll it up or give them a dip for it! What are some of your favorite family meals?

BS: I just discovered the slow cooker -- I can shove anything in there and a few hours later it tastes delicious. It makes me feel like I'm a great cook. My husband is the one who whips stuff up from scratch.

RR: The sexiest thing a man can do is cook. What's his best dish?

BS: He mixes his own dry rub for beef and chicken. I was a vegetarian until he started to cook for me! He also makes an amazing grilled steak with garlic and herb butter. It just melts in your mouth.

RR: That sounds delicious. The only thing sexier than watching your man cook would be if he did all the dishes, too.

BS: You know what? He does! He’s always like, "Honey, you don't have to do that." He also makes me coffee every morning, even if I have a 5 a.m. flight, because he knows I love the way he makes it.

RR: What a good fella. My husband handles the coffee in our house, too. So, if you had a dream dinner party, whom would you invite?

BS: We'd love to have you and John over. It sounds like our guys have a lot in common. And our bulldog, Darla, would be a good playmate for Isaboo. Let's get the dogs and the boys together!

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