Everyone plays a part in this big Italian potluck.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
rachael pouring wine

Potlucks are great for the weekends, when we can all slow down a bit, take the time to make a dish we love, then gather friends and share a big meal. When Rach's buddy Mario Batali and Rach threw a potluck for their friends, we had no idea what he'd cook up! Rach brought her Italian Chicken Chili and Mario treated everyone to his delicious broccoli rabe, a bubbling pot of lamb stew and lots of big, hearty laughs.


tips + how-tos


Get (pot) Lucky

We don't know who invented potluck suppers, but we'd like to thank them.

dinner party

One-Hit Wonder

Host a dinner pegged to a single ingredient. Friends can bring any dish, as long as it includes the star player -- be it in-season strawberries or goofier ingredients like Jell-O.

dinner guests

Just a Bite

Leave the casserole dishes in the cupboard and try a finger-food potluck with easy apps like potato skins and wings. The only rule of thumb: Every item can be enjoyed in three bites max.

wine bottles

Haute Slice

Forget pepperoni. This pizza party is for adventurous palates: Provide the sauce and dough, and ask guests to bring unique toppings like shrimp, squash and prosciutto. Mixing and matching is encouraged.

Picture Show

If The Godfather leaves you craving a big bowl of pasta, or you drool for dessert every time you watch Chocolat, then throw a Hollywood potluck -- everyone brings a favorite dish inspired by the silver screen.