Breakfast in your cocktails? That's a craze in bars across the country that are infusing drinks with some of your most beloved cereals.
breakfast cocktails juice box
Photography by Sarah Anne Ward
| Credit: Photography by Sarah Anne Ward

The trend got legs in New York City when Milk Bar's Christina Tosi introduced a White Russian made with cornflake-infused milk (the cereal soaks in it before being strained out), reminiscent of classic milk punch, an old-timey combo of the white stuff and some strong stuff. 

The Apple Jack at Bookstar Bar & Café in Seattle sweetens milk, tea, orange juice and whiskey with ground Apple Jacks.

At Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, the Cereal Circle combines sherry, brandy and simple syrup infused with Cheerios. 

LA's Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar has a few fortified libations on its menu, like the popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Rum made with cereal-infused milk. Owner Jeremy Fall says he isn't surprised by the trend's appeal: "I think it's an excuse to day-drink when it's not quite happy hour in your zip code."