Breakfast Cereal at Happy Hour

Breakfast in your cocktails? That's a craze in bars across the country that are infusing drinks with some of your most beloved cereals.
breakfast cocktails juice box

The trend got legs in New York City when Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi introduced a White Russian made with cornflake-infused milk (the cereal soaks in it before being strained out), reminiscent of classic milk punch, an old-timey combo of the white stuff and some strong stuff. 

The Apple Jack at Bookstar Bar & Café in Seattle sweetens milk, tea, orange juice and whiskey with ground Apple Jacks.

At Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, the Cereal Circle combines sherry, brandy and simple syrup infused with Cheerios. 

LA’s Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar has a few fortified libations on its menu, like the popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Rum made with cereal-infused milk. Owner Jeremy Fall says he isn’t surprised by the trend’s appeal: “I think it’s an excuse to day-drink when it’s not quite happy hour in your zip code.”