We asked our Instagram followers how they switch things up.

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"I take a trip where I tune out social media and my phone for two days." —Martie Duncan

"Once a month, my wife and I like to write down five things I want to do and five things she wants to do. We mix them up and choose one at a time. These can be experiences, new foods to create, and ideas for our home. This helps us explore each of our interests and keeps our marriage interesting and fresh." —Neil Simon Burns

"Listening to salsa music. My late husband and I enjoyed dancing. I continue to listen and dance alone at home." —Amanda Barrio

"As a design student, I am always in front of a computer screen. I usually don't have time to break free, but you just have to! I get myself out and about by going to the gym, shopping, taking a walk, or hanging out with the girls." —Mara Falce

"I bake something sweet, sit down, and watch Rachael Ray to get an idea of what to cook for dinner!" —Graciela Pennington

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"Being a new mom gives a whole new meaning to routine. Though it's important to stick to a schedule, my baby girl and I love to shake things up. We try to explore new places and new foods and meet new people." —Raven Nagy

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"One weekend last winter, my family started listening to old songs. We sang along when Freddy Fender's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" came on. We had a blast creating our own karaoke night!" —Gloria Bueno

Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

"I take my daughter to a farm where she learns to plant seeds. We go back when it's time to help harvest. In the meantime, she's given some seeds to bring home, where she'll monitor growth and water levels." —Dana Willis