Need a place to kick back with a good read? Here's how to do it at home—no beach, cozy inn, or coffee shop required.
Book Nook Sitting Area Numbered
Photography by Alison Bernier
| Credit: Photography by Alison Bernier

1. Shelf Starter

No built-in bookshelves? No problem! Mimic this ladder look with a series of evenly spaced floating shelves. Paint each one all over to match the wall, and use clear acrylic or dark metal bookends to keep your titles in place.

2. Let There Be Light

A floor lamp will get the job done, but an overhead glow is easier on the eyes. Wall sconces direct light without eating up space. If you don't have the wiring, pick up a few battery-operated ones.

3. Take Comfort

While windows make great backdrops (hello, natural light!), they're not always the cushiest. Add a seat cushion and a throw pillow or two for some extra padding.

4. Out of Sight

What's neat? This custom window seat has a deep drawer under the cushion to stow stuff. What's neater? A store-bought storage bench can do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

5. Side (Table) Hustle

You'll need at least one tiny, hardworking table. It's handy for snacks and drinks, but sturdy styles can double as stools and footrests, too.