The Food Network star shares his secrets for making the perfect dinner at home -- and at the races.
Bobby Flay

Rachael Ray: Hey, Bobby! Your fridge looks way too neat. Did you arrange it so perfectly for me?

Bobby Flay: Hi, Rach. Actually, my refrigerator is usually well organized because my wife [actress Stephanie March] is a neat freak and likes to see everything in a line. I guess I am too because I hate when I can't find something in the back. I want to see exactly what's in there.

RR: John is the same way. But you make rows within your fridge -- that's a good tip. So, what's a surefire, Iron Chef-caliber dish that you like to make for Stephanie?

BF: She's from Texas, so she loves Sunday-night chicken dinners. When I go all out, I make her fried chicken and waffles with a spicy maple-horseradish syrup to go on top. That's a serious Sunday dinner for her!

RR: Fried chicken and waffles is always a winner. You've got a well-stocked fridge. What are some of your staples?

BF: I have bacon from Oscar's Smoke House. I also keep a stash of Greek yogurt on hand -- I mix it with hot sauce to make a quick topping for an easy dish like roasted asparagus or smoked bacon frittata. I keep organic eggs around, too, because I'm a fan of big, savory brunches.

RR: So the Kentucky Derby is coming up on May 2, and I know you're a big horse guy. Any plans?

BF: It's such a good food event that I've created more than 25 recipes for Anyone can log in to create a spread and host a Derby party at home.

RR: That sounds fun. What's on the menu?

BF: I make delicious Blackberry-Bourbon Mint Juleps that are always a hit. I also love making oyster shooters because they're really fun for parties. I combine raw oysters with vodka, horseradish, orange juice and a little bit of hot sauce. Rach, I even have a shrimp-and-dill deviled egg recipe that was inspired by you because you're the deviled egg queen. I always expect them when I go to your place.

RR: I am the deviled egg queen! Speaking of coming over, if you could have a dream dinner party, who would you invite?

BF: I'd ask Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Springsteen and Bono. That would be a fun conversation because we'd cover so many topics. Of course, I'd want you to come, too. You could bring the eggs!