Keep one of these ice cream treats in your office's freezer!

Each month, Rachael Ray Every Day staffers try hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of new food products (it's research, people!) in hopes of determining the best of the bunch for our monthly Checkout column. The problem? We never have enough room in the mag for all the products we love from the taste test. Introducing: Food Fave, a new web column where we'll show a little extra love to our editors' favorite new food and bev picks. Check back every week for your grocery store aisle inspo!

Blue Bunny Loadd Sundaes Group Photo
Credit: Courtesy of Blue Bunny

This Week's Food Fave: Blue Bunny Load'd Sundaes

Like you'd expect from the name, these personal ice cream treats are packed to the lid with toppings, drizzles, and overall deliciousness. Available in eight different flavors, ranging from Chocolate Brownie Bomb (the winner amongst our staffers) to Strawberry Shortcake, they're the perfect treat to keep in the freezer in case you need a quick snack for impromptu guests or your sweet tooth shows up out of nowhere. Plus, with the single-serving sizes makes it easy for on-the-go snacking. But beware: It's the kind of dessert you'll tell yourself you'll only eat a few bites of, but then eat the entire thing.

Here's what our staffers had to say:

"You know when you REALLY want ice cream but when you pull it out of the freezer it's rock hard and you have to chip away at it with a spoon (because who waits for ice cream to soften?!)? The ice cream gurus at Blue Bunny have fixed that problem with their Load'd Sundaes. The cute little plastic cups are filled with soft ice cream stuffed with lots of tasty stuff. The Chocolate Brownie Bomb is my fave. It's like fluffy chocolate mousse with chunks of brownies and my weakness, chocolate fudge sauce."—Nina Elder, executive food editor

"I have no idea what Bunny Tracks are, but this is freakin' delicious! I kept going back for more…and more…Farewell, beach body!"—Tara Holland, food editorial assistant

"As someone who's lactose intolerant, should I eat ice cream? No. Am I going to ignore that fact and eat these sundaes anyway? Yes, yes I am. The ice cream is soft, the toppings are delicious, and while I thought I could have just one bite, boy was I wrong."—Kendall Wenaas, editorial assistant

"The chocolate brownie bomb is awesome. It's an eruption of chocolate textures without being too sweet, a.k.a. my idea of heaven. Can I take home the rest of the flavors, too?"—Tara Cox, managing editor

Flavors: Bunny Tracks, Chocolate Brownie Bomb, Cookie Crunch 'N Fudge, Cookie Dough Co., Mint Chocolate Chunk, Salted Caramel Pecan, Peanut Butter Bunny, and Strawberry Shortcake

Price: $2.99 at major grocery and convenience stores