They come straight from the family greenhouse.

Photo courtesy of Bloomscape
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Bloomscape

Yes, it would be awesome to walk through a dreamy farmer's market or bustling nursery to find the perfect greenery for our desk or living space. But then how, exactly, are we going to get our new purchase home? Especially if it's the immensely in-demand (and tall!) fiddle-leaf fig? Or, say you want to send your cousin in Kansas a happy plant for her new apartment. Where do you start? Enter Bloomscape.

The Detroit-based online plant shop, which launched this week, aims to make buying plants easier—especially for busy urbanites. Select one of its beautiful varieties, and Bloomscape will deliver it right to your door. The best part: each plant comes expertly potted in a terra-cotta pot and saucer with fresh soil so you don't have to worry about transplanting your new baby from it's plastic grower's pot.

"We want to raise the bar on the quality of plants that come to people," says founder Justin Mast.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Bloomscape

To do so, Mast tapped into a most reliable resource: his parents. He hails from five generations of Dutch greenhouse growers on his father's side, and his mother, an expert horticulturist, has created plant programs for big box retailers.

But the real beauty is that over the years, Mast's parents have had to supply young plants to greenhouses all over the United States, and have perfected the science behind shipping living greens (including keeping plants at the right temperature and protecting their roots during the journey). This means you don't have to worry about plants arriving sick or damaged.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Bloomscape

As far as the plants on offer, the easy-to-navigate online shop includes a keenly edited range of sizes and care levels, from easy (ZZ and sansevieria) to moderate (pinstripe or fiddle-leaf fig), which are priced between $35 to $195.

"All the ones we selected are air-cleaners," adds Mast. "The health benefits of plants are widely appreciated."

Credit: Photo courtesy of Bloomscape

The startup also focuses on setting you up for success: In addition to a guarantee and 30-day return policy, your new green family member arrives with written care instructions.

But your lifeline doesn't stop there. Notice some brown spots on your plant weeks later, or have annoying aphids flying around? Just email or start a chat, and Plant Mom (aka Mast's mom, Joyce) will answer all your questions.

"We'd like to make plant parenting more delightful." 

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