Be the coolest neighbor in your 'hood -- throw a fun, laid-back block party.


Whether you live in a neighborhood where everybody knows your name or you're identified by house number alone, kick off the summer by throwing a bash in the cul-de-sac -- complete with tasty food, cool drinks and tons of camaraderie. The party planning is easy: Every home on the street is assigned a dish and a duty. Once all the details are squared away, drag out the tables and chairs, pump up the tunes and reconnect with friends over plates of potato salad and homemade shortbread.



tips + how-tos


 Check Local Laws

 You may need a permit to throw a large outdoor party.

Make Eye-Catching Flyers
 Post them on community boards to spread the word around the neighborhood.

Recruit Neighbors
 Ask guests to bring and set up tables and chairs, provide cutlery and napkins and help with trash removal.

Assign the Menu
 Ask neighbors with odd-numbered addresses to bring drinks and side dishes and those with even-numbered addresses to chip in snacks and desserts.


In Full Bloom
 Skip the fancy decorations: Fill mismatched glass jars with wildflowers and set them around the table.

Home Plates
 Ask neighbors to bring their own dinner plates to the outdoor party. You'll save money on supplies and create less trash at the same time.

Cool Down
 Ice goes fast on hot days, so ask a few neighbors to bring bags of ice. Use the cubes to chill drinks as well as salads and side dishes—fill large platters or mixing bowls with ice and nest the serving dishes inside.