By Judith Pena
May 30, 2013
Cocktails, Anyone?

When I was little, I used to steal eat blackberries off of my neighbors' bushes. Perhaps it was the act of rebellion or how glossy and shiny those just-picked black beauties were, but no other berry has come close to becoming my favorite since then. So in honor of peak blackberry season--which runs from June to August--we're mixing up these berry delicious cocktail coolers!

Blackberry Cooler Cocktail

Blackberries are a great summer cocktail ingredient. Not only do these berry beauties add a dash of color to your concoction, but they're also loaded with antioxidants and can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding any extra sugar. (For example, 1 cup of blackberries has 7 grams of natural sugar and is only 62 calories.)

While I've always considered the classic Bramble cocktail--gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, blackberry liqueur and berries--to be my go-to berry (cocktail) beverage, I've recently switched over to this Blackberry Cooler Cocktail. Indeed super similar to the bramble, this cooler cocktail--hah, get it?! Well at least I'm laughing--adds cooling mint leaves and elderflower liqueur. To make this cocktail even prettier, add in other colorful citrus fruits or berries and top with a dash of soda to add a hint of effervescence. Yum-o!

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