Bistro Chic Dinner Party

Invite your friends over for a French-style dinner party.
Bistro-Chic-Dinner-Party wine

Invite your friends over and impress with a bistro-chic dinner party. Not feeling up for guests? With nearly the same ingredients, try this casual Weeknight Bistro Dinner instead.


Bistro Chic Dinner Party grocery list

Green Salad with Torn Croutons

Chicken Provencale

Green Bean Frites

Strawberries and Cream Napoleons


set the scene

Glass Act

Place wildflowers in an old decanter or vase to create a casual, French country side feel.

Bistro-Chic-Dinner-Party wine

In the Wild

Skip the fancy stemware and serve wine Euro-style, in juice glasses or tumblers.


Mirror Image

Write the menu on a mirror or window with dry-erase markers or new chalk pens.